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Lenaerts Police Motorcycle

Lenaerts Police Motorcycle


Lenaerts Police Motorcycle

Who doesn't love the carousel at the funfair?!


Lenaerts carousel motorcycle
1950 - fifties
All complete and original
Length: 120cm
Based on an Indian cycle
Made in Belgium
Very rare in this contion

Joseph Lenaerts - Founder of Maison Lenaerts

A very rare carousel motorbike, manufactured by Lenaerts, circa 1950. This eye-catching model remains in beautiful original condition. It is made of high quality metal in a orange-red color, with a darkred leather seats. It has amazing details, every part of this model has been crafted with great attention and craftsmanship. It excels in details! Joseph Lenaerts started at a bike factory. During his career he was introduced to the world of fairground attributes, creating bike models for carousels. This was in 1947. The Greek god Hermes was placed as a logo on top of these bikes. Thousands of bikes have been produces, with a highlight in the 1950s when 50 bikes per month were produced and delivered! Impressive for a small company with only four employees. They were already valuable pieces then, but have became truly rare finds over the years and an absolute must-have for fairground enthusiasts! This bike would make an amazing eye-catcher in any decor. It remains in very good vintage condition with minor wear, creating a beautiful patina.

Amazing eye-catcher in any decor