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Grillo Italian pedal car

Grillo Italian pedal car


Grillo Italian pedal car


Grillo Pedal car
Made in 1946 in Bassano - Italy
Professionally restored
Only 200 pieces ever made
Italian version of Austin J40
Nice details
Very rare
Length: 120 cm
Width: 50 cm

Austin J40

The Austin J40 was a luxuriously decorated pedal car as a children's toy, which was commissioned by Austin in Bargoed (Wales).

The Austin J40 was born out of a social employment project in Wales. Miners rejected because of dust lungs could participate in this project set up for them. The material came from waste material from the Austin factory in Longbridge. Aside from providing employment to the ex-miners, this company also provided a good training ground for future Austin Motor Company executives on how to handle personnel. The company employed 250 people.

The J40 was initially intended as an export item to the United States, but later also to Canada and Denmark. In the Netherlands, the Austin J40 was imported by R.S. stockfish. Although no more production takes place, parts can still be ordered.